Khadi white handprint saree
Khadi white handprint saree
Khadi white handprint saree
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Khadi white handprint saree

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Have you seen a bird flying high with no fear of falling down? We understand your high goals. We understand your dreams and through our creations, we give it a life! This hand print hand-loom saree where you can see a colorful bird sitting on that branch of tree just to tell you that fly high but home is where there is peace and stability. For that little bird, its home is that branch. We know your home is not only stable but also a happy place. The splash of yellow in the saree is to make sure that your happy days are here. So welcome to the world of living life on your terms. At Ivariti, we celebrate your freedom and this white saree is for peace in your life!

Care: Dry wash /Hand wash with cold water (No machine wash)

Blouse Piece Cloth: Included in saree


The hand-loom cotton is a class of fabric that is woven using hand operated looms. The process is primarily interlacing yarns: the warp (length) and weft (width) which are woven on a loom. Intensive manual handling of the yarn adds human feel and uniqueness to each art piece, thus making it priceless. It is one of the most comfortable, soft and durable fabric. Moreover, it is extra breathable which provides winter protection and light summers. Hand-loom cotton sarees are a must have and back the rich weaving art-form heritage of India.


Handwoven: The product has been woven with intensive manual handling which adds to human feel and uniqueness in each art piece making it priceless. However, it might add slight irregularities due to natural outcome of the hand weaving process.

Photography: The color as shown in the model pictures may vary slightly from the actual product because of visual editing during process of photography. The image capturing might reflect different shades of color due to lighting and background.

Fall and Edging: Please note that the order cannot be cancelled/returned after shipping if customization of fall and edging is added.

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